SPACE: Not Always the Final Frontier, But an Important Step in Business Growth

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Business growth is exciting for sure, but not without its challenges. Sometimes it’s the in-between stage of finding a workspace that’s the right fit that can slow down your progress.

So, let’s say that you have the people with the relevant skills, know-how, and savvy to provide your customers with great services and products, but you need a workspace to keep things moving forward.  Not just a workspace, but the right workspace. Somewhere flexible enough to stretch your wings and a place to hang your hat.

Sure, it would be great to have individual offices for each team member and a private conference room and other cool amenities, but perhaps you’re not quite there yet.  Maybe you’re more in the interim phase. So, where can you find the right workspace and resources in a location that’s central to your client base and still fits the needs of your team?

You’ll find it in McKinney, Texas.

Tech Culture McKinney is the solution. It’s the answer for start-ups and growing businesses in North Texas looking for the modern, flexible workspace and professional assistance to continue to grow and thrive.

At Tech Culture McKinney, you’ll discover brilliantly-designed, open floor plans with natural lighting, private conference and training rooms, and even front desk service. Tech Culture McKinney is fully equipped to provide you with 24/7 business access, video conference resources, and a printing room with 2D and 3D printers. Fast, wireless internet access and on-site data center are at the ready for your day to day operations. We can even help with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning if you’re ready for it. It’s an ideal workspace that start-ups and growing businesses love to call home.

Do you need to host an open house or professional event? You’re in luck. Tech Culture McKinney has sleek, modern kitchen facilities and hospitality services to help you navigate your special event and impress your customers.

Why Choose Tech Culture McKinney?

The founders of Tech Culture McKinney have a combined 50-plus years of highly-skilled, technical experience. Their goal is to support the businesses that choose to call Tech Culture McKinney home.  The no-cost comprehensive advisory services and access to dedicated third party providers are available to all Tech Culture McKinney customers, when you need them, as you need them.

Services that encompass legal, accounting, and sales and marketing are part of the Tech Culture McKinney experience. The desired goal of having all of these services in one location is to support start-ups, small business growth, and development in McKinney and North Texas.

Come see for yourself why Tech Culture McKinney is the workspace to meet (and even exceed) all of your needs and help you move forward with your business growth. Contact us for a tour today. And by all means, bring a friend or business associate. Spend some time and take a look around McKinney. The downtown McKinney area is a landmark worth visiting. We hope to see you soon and look forward to making a new friend.

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