Remote work is now a thing of necessity, rather than a luxury. While there have been many scientific studies about the benefits of remote working over the past few years, it took a world pandemic that forced people to take notice.

Both business owners and employees very quickly began to see the benefits of working remote—yet at the same time, they also saw the potential pitfalls:

  • Dogs barking in the background while trying to participate in a Zoom conference call.
  • Trying to work or run a business on technology that’s meant for the home—not a business.
  • The challenge of interacting with other human beings in a professional way during work hours.
  • Having to deal with kids yelling and screaming in the background.
  • Lack of flexibility—the ability to scale up or down.
  • Potential security issues via insecure home computers, networks
  • Accidentally losing important paperwork or office supplies because Mittens the cat decided to hide it somewhere in the house.
  • Lack of in-person professional contact with other human beings.
  • Noisy neighbors (if you live in an apartment) and noisy leaf blowing machines.
  • Work-at-home managers having to personally purchase whiteboards and other office supplies to conduct virtual conferences from their home office. Even if they have a company credit card, they either need to run to Office Depot or place an online order—which is usually the job of the office manager (in an office).
  • When—not “if”—there is a technical issue, be it slow internet connection, insecure website, or broken printer, stay-at-home-workers have nobody to turn to and they’re forced to fix it themselves or call the expensive Geek Squad to come over.
  • Having to repurpose a 50” home televisions to use as a monitor for conference calls etc.

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    This is why a remote office, such as Tech Culture, works so well. It provides a welcoming professional environment, state-of-the-art technology, and a way to work remotely without having to deal with the at-home distractions.